Monday 15 March 2021

Hand and foot massage



Hands do countless jobs every day and their skin develops rapidly with age. We always do something with our hands and see them, so they need exceptional care. Hand massage can take care not only of the aesthetic appearance of the hands but also of the physical condition. Massage movements help to relax the muscles of the hands and move the joints. After the massage, the hands become less swollen and the blood and lymph circulation are improved. Also, the hands are less tired and less melting.


The points on the feet contact each internal organ, so other parts of the body are affected when the foot is massaged. It has a very positive effect on health as it improves the function of the internal organs and blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system and reduces tension. This massage can also be a prophylaxis against various diseases.

With us you have the opportunity to choose a massage oil for you, which smells pleasant to you. The following options are available: almond, apricot pips, grape pips, roses, citrus fruits, buriti, toning and muscle relaxing oils. You can also indulge in a massage with butter, cocoa or mango fruit butter.

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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Body Massage Service in Delhi

Get the best facilities in body massage by visiting spa centre in delhi. There are several benefits offered by spa therapy in Delhi, as it helps to enhance the individual's body posture. In addition it keeps our body healthy.

Swedish Massage

With the classical massage applied to the body partially or completely, it revitalizes tissues and cells by increasing the circulation rate, regulates circulation, strengthens the concentration by decreasing muscle tension.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Sports Massage

It provides the body to relax and calm down after the pain, fatigue and injury that may occur especially in sports people.

Duration: 30 - 50 Minutes

Medical Massage

It is a massage used by expert therapists, usually used in addition to physical therapy, to regulate the body's natural biological, psychological and neurological working system, and when done regularly, helps to eliminate pain and regional problems.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Positive Energy Massage

It is a massage that helps to solve problems such as mind and body health, stress, allergies, distractions in people. With the positive energy massage based on the principles of creating a healthy individual, the radioactive loads that occur in technological life are neutralized.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage technique, which uses the healing power of aromatherapy and the power of touch, with the therapeutic properties of essential oils; rest and revitalize both body and soul.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Lymph Drainage Massage

The lymphatic drainage massage method applied to the lymph nodes accelerates the blood circulation and ensures that the edema and toxin substances in the body are expelled.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Honey Massage

This massage, also known as soft tissue massage, is one of the oldest Tibetan therapies. It is a therapeutic therapy for mental and physical fatigue and sleep disorders. It is a therapy in which the hands are transferred to the body by using the vacuum technique.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Special Massage for Pregnant Ladies & New Moms

This special massage, which provides relief of pain in the back and foot area, relieving cramps in the legs and elimination of edema in the body, is applied with precision for pregnant women and new mothers.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Body to Body Massage

Massage from body to body is often common with opposite sexes. Privacy and protection are also needed so we are also very concerned about privacy and give every client a high level of security.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes


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